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Preventative & Reactive Electrical Maintenance Services

Breese Electric offers preventative and reactive (emergency) maintenance services to our industrial and commercial business clients.


We provide a range of highly recommended planned preventative maintenance (PPM) services to prevent dangerous situations and damage to plant and equipment. We also offer a 24 hour emergency call-out service in the event of a breakdown.

Performing thorough and detailed programmed preventative maintenance greatly improves the probability that your electrical plant, equipment and systems are kept in good working order and significantly decreases the likelihood of undesirable interruptions, downtime and repair costs over the long term.

Our preventative maintenance services include:

  • Statutory residual current device (RCD) injection testing, which is carried out to test that all RCD's in an installation are tripping within safe trip times and trip currents to ensure that staff are protected from electrocution in the event of touching any live parts of the installation. 
  • Statutory emergency and exit lighting testing to ensure the back-up battery power supplies within a facility's emergency lights and exit lights are all switching on and staying on for the correct duration. This is to ensure safe evacuation in the event of a power outage to the facility.
  • Statutory testing and tagging of electrical appliances and leads within the workplace. 
  • Thermographic scanning of critical electrical components such as switchboards, control panels and motors to search for hot spots which may require repair or replacement. Carrying out maintenance on hot spots and hot joints significantly reduces the risk of damage to the health of staff and to expensive electrical equipment. 
  • Machine safety testing as per AS 4024 to ensure emergency safety circuit devices and safety relays are tripping as intended. These devices can include emergency stop switches, lanyard pull switches, light curtains and gate interlocks.  
  • Other tests we can provide include, fault loop impedance, power factor, visual checklists and audits, motor testing, generator set safety and welder VRD's.

We understand how integral your processes and systems are to your productivity and profitability and we also understand how detrimental a fault or breakdown can be to your business and so Breese Electric offers a 24-hour emergency breakdown service to our clients. The occurrence of breakdowns can often be a direct result of failure to perform regular scheduled maintenance checks and tests. 




If you have any queries, please feel free to get in contact or read on to learn more about our services.



Well planned preventative maintenance schedules to greatly minimise chances of faults occurring in equipment and therefore, less downtime in production

A wide range of visual inspection checklists and audits

Testing of gensets for load ratings and safe RCD trip times and welders to ensure voltage reduction devices are present and in good working condition

Motor and motor circuits protection testing to ensure motors are not overloaded and overload settings are set to the correct ratings

Machine safety circuit testing to ensure reliable failing safe of machines and plant in the event of an emergency

Power quality, fault loop impedance, power factor testing, reporting and advice on any required actions

RCD injection testing to check that all RCDs are tripping within the safe time and earth leakage levels

Testing and tagging of electrical appliances and leads throughout facilities to ensure safety to staff

Emergency and exit lighting testing to ensure batteries are in a healthy condition to allow for evacuation in the event of an emergency


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