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Whether you require a new installation or upgrades or repairs to an existing asset, the electricians at Breese Electrical have the knowledge, the capability and the equipment to get the electrical systems in your plant up to date and your production back on line.


Offering the highest quality electrical services on the NSW Central Coast
Established 2018
Highly Skilled and Qualified Technicians
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  • Chris Breese
    Chris Breese
    General Manager

    Chris completed his apprenticeship with Col in his early twenties before deciding to move to England where he worked on larger scale projects in the London CBD. On return, he briefly worked for Col as a supervisor before deciding to expand his career into heavier industries such as the mining, water treatment and oil and gas sectors where he worked as an electrical and instrumentation technician in plant operation/process control and construction. During his time working in these industries Chris learnt the importance of diligence and taking the time to think ahead and carefully plan the works to be carried out. Also learning how essential rigorous health, safety and environmental protection systems are to not only be put in place but also adhered to on a daily basis throughout every task.